• Carried out in accordance to API 14A and 14B
  • Storage and Management system for clients
  • Agile, responsive service for quick turn-around times

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Our safety valve management services are carried out in accordance to API 14A and 14B to meet the latest industry standards. Valves are fully sample and PMI tested to verify material selection where required. Our various sealing solutions assist clients from planning through to mobilisation as part of management systems, including standard V-packings, XPAC and REACT seals.

We have dedicated resource for our valve management services meaning we can provide an agile and responsive service. This valve management team have been through our specialist competency scheme which ensures they are up to date on the latest guidelines and refine their techniques. Our WRSSV management programme allows you to be confident your safety valves not only conform to safety requirements but, are in the best possible condition for the job.

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  • 43 valves fully refurbished in 2019
  • Over 125 client owned safety valves in Oilenco's management programme
  • Over 100 valves have been through our refurbishment program since 2017

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